The Singapore Writers' Group

The Singapore Writers’ Group was founded by Alice Clark-Platts in January 2012 at the Pigeon Hole café on Duxton Hill in Singapore.


There are more than fifty official members from Singapore and around the world. Visit our members page to learn more about them. Visit our membership page to learn how to join us.

Our SWG group, which is open to anyone, includes hundreds of casual participants.

Regular events for everyone

Our core events are critique group meetings, which are restricted to members only.

The meet-ups are listed on the SWG group page and are held at members’ homes. Each member shares a portion of his or her current work-in-progress ahead of the meeting so that other members have a chance to read it and prepare feedback to be shared during the meeting.

Currently, there are regular critique group meet-ups for:

  • general fiction
  • fiction for children and young adults
  • science-fiction, fantasy and romance
  • short stories

In the past, we have also had critique groups for:

  • flash fiction
  • poetry
  • mystery and suspense fictionnarrative non-fiction
  • fan fiction
  • completed manuscripts

Whether we have a group for a particular type of writing depends on whether people are available to coordinate and host the meetings.

Sometimes there are also meetings for members who wish to meet up to write quietly together or who want support and encouragement for pitching completed projects.

Special Events

The group organises free and paid events exclusively for paid members. These include workshops, author talks and holiday parties.


In 2014 the group published an anthology of short stories called Rojak after a local dish that combines a variety of ingredients in a kind of salad. The anthology is available for purchase on Amazon.

The 2015 anthology, which was written with the Hong Kong Writers’ Circle, is called Tales of Two Cities. The anthology is available for purchase at Ethos Books.

Writing Group

Rojak, Singapore Writers Group

An anthology of stories from the Singapore Writers’ Group, Rojak is a perfect mix of short stories for both the adventurous and the armchair traveller alike. So pack your suitcase, sit back and enjoy the trip. Jump aboard a patrol boat guarding the seas around Singapore or, for the intrepid, how about a ride across the globe from an otherworldly frozen north, to a wintery day in England and then on to Italy for a train trip with Radinka? Meet an embarrassed teen in Africa, and make your own discoveries in the Americas. These are stories of love and bewilderment, friendship and falsehood, dirty deals and generosity, life changing moments, sadness and joy, and much much more…..

Writing Group

Tales of Two Cities

Hong Kong and Singapore Writers Groups.

Two cities which encapsulate the buzz and culture of Asia.

23 stories by the Hong Kong Writers Circle and the Singapore Writers Group present four faces of the home cities: the changing city, the historic city, the mystical city, and the capricious city.

These stories take you past the frontages of both cities, through their backstreets and into personal spaces pocketed within the cityscape

Writing Group + Short Stories

Singapore Love Stories

What does it mean to love and be loved in Singapore?


Singapore Love Stories is a vibrant collection of seventeen stories that delves into the diverse love lives of Singapore’s eclectic mix of inhabitants. From the HDB heartlander to the Sentosa millionaire, the privileged expatriate to the migrant worker, the accidental tourist to the reluctant citizen, the characters in this anthology reveal an array of perspectives of love found in the island city-state.

Leading Singaporean and Singapore-based writers explore the best and worst of the human condition called love, including grief, duplicity and revenge, self-love, filial love, homesickness and tragic past relationships. Collectively, the stories in this anthology reveal the many ways in which love can be both a salve and a wound in life.